Erecruit Webinars

Erecruit Webinar Recording: How to Adopt Conversation-Driven Recruiting Powered by Texting

During this webinar, Sara Moss, VP of Staffing Best Practices at Erecruit, Erich Hugunin, SVP of Sales at TextUs, and Ericka Hyson, COO at ettain group, taught us how the top recruiters use text messaging with Erecruit to place candidates faster. 

We shared three steps to adopting conversation-driven recruiting and a text messaging playbook for staffing, with templates that you can use to start texting. We also shared how ettain group proved the ROI for texting in 30 days.

To recap, during the webinar we:

  • Clarified texting’s value-add to staffing
  • Explained conversation-driven recruiting powered by texting
  • Shared “The Business Texting Playbook for Staffing & Recruiting”
  • Provided ROI example to help you justify the spend
  • Explained what it takes to implement TextUs with Erecruit

Erecruit Webinar Recording: The Journey to Technology Adoption

The biggest risk to any technology project is user adoption and the biggest driver of user adoption is change management. We all know it, but we often don’t know how to be the architects of change. 

During this webinar, Josie Huber, staffing industry consultant, provided us with change management, communication plans and innovative training concepts that can be used as the foundation for any technology change program, before and after GoLive.

Watch the webinar recording below to learn how you can:

  • Drive, enable, instill, inspire and cement technology change
  • Outline your technology project components
  • Establish your guiding principles
  • Implement an integrated communication plan
  • Make your training impactful and build engaged users