Stay prioritized, organized and on task

In today's fast-paced recruitment world, placements are often determined by a recruitment model that allows you to immediately and consistently respond to client and candidate needs. erecruit's recruiting capabilities are designed to help recruiters place candidates faster, more efficiently and at higher margins through intuitive, configurable workflows and best-in-class automation.

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Software for Recruiting

At each step in the process — from matching to submittals, interviews and accepting offers — erecruit tracks the status of each step in the recruitment process and notifies the recruiter of what needs to be done next. Configurable alerts prioritize and automatically "remind" users of important events, tasks and milestones so they stay focused on the most time sensitive and lucrative opportunities.


Proactive alerts enable faster lead, job order and service follow up


Real-time commission visibility provides immediate insight and is simply wonderful


Configurable dashboards keep recruiters focused on top priority jobs, candidates and money-making opportunities



Seamless integration with phone, email, and mobile devices drives faster response to job and candidate inquires

Resume Parsing

Resume parsing and job order parsing eliminates data entry and creates semantic profiles for automated matching

Resume Sourcing

All users get access to online job distribution and resume sourcing from all your subscribed-to job boards and networks


List Segmentation

Powerful list segmentation organizes all your lists so you can reach more people, in less time, with targeted messages that drive higher conversions

Powerful Search

Powerful keyword, Boolean, semantic, structured and unstructured search tools enable you to find the best talent fast

Semantic matching

Artificial intelligence suggests relevant candidate-to-job and candidate-to-candidate matches for you automatically


Job Orders

Job order management keeps recruiters focused on the most important jobs to fill

Mobile Access

Mobile access on any device allows recruiters to stay productive while on the go